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Antibacterial + Soothing + Prevent inflammation

Instantly improve the private smell

100% pure natural rose water

Natural private no-wash spray


Easy to use

Spray the disposable spray on the paper towel, and then wipe the private area with the paper towel.

Spray the disposable spray directly on the private area, and then dry it with a paper towel .

For urban women

Private trouble

Private smell
Bacterial growth
Sultry and itchy
Unclean environment

Scope of application

  • Around menstrual period

  • Postpartum cleaning care

  • ​Daily maintenance

product advantages

The all-natural acid-base balance formula effectively maintains the health of the vaginal flora and prevents gynecological diseases caused by imbalance of the flora

Quickly relieves scars and relieves itching, long-lasting antibacterial, mild and safe cleansing formula, protects the health of private parts, and prevents gynecological diseases

Unique rose fragrance, chic temptation, enhance confidence and charm

Three characteristics

Imported from New Zealand

Pharmaceutical grade production line

Pure natural plant formula

Contains the precious Rose Water, which has anti-allergic soothing, calming and moisturizing, caring for sensitive skin, deep moisturizing and improving skin roughness and dullness.

Betel Leaf extract has a strong antibacterial effect and can be used to treat skin diseases such as boils and eczema.

The aromatic oil extracted from the leaves of Piper sylvestris has a warm and aromatic smell and can be used as a raw material for perfumery.​

Rose pure dew extraction process:

The factory grows from organic certified roses. After the flowers are picked, the fragrance is quickly processed. After more than 60 production processes and repeated distillation, the final rose hydrosol is produced; to produce 1 kg of rose hydrosol, 6,000 kilograms of flowers are needed.

NO SULPHATES does not contain sulfates

Sulfate is a surfactant (also called foaming agent), which can be found in the ingredient list of many daily necessities. A small amount of sulphate can help remove grease and dirt, and is often used in shampoos and shower gels. However, the use of sulfates may also make the skin dry and irritating.

NO PARABENS does not contain parabens


In the pharmaceutical industry, it is used as an antiseptic bactericide for medicaments, and also used in organic synthesis and food, spices, film and other antiseptic additives. Similar products produced by similar production methods, ethyl paraben (paraben B) and propyl paraben (paraben C), are also antiseptics. Long-term use is irritating to the skin.

NO PETROLEUM does not contain mineral oil


Mineral oil is also called paraffin oil, white oil or liquid paraffin. Cosmetic grade mineral oil is obtained after deep refining with oxygenated raw materials. It can be used as a base oil for hair cream, hair oil, lipstick, cream, sunscreen and other ointments and softeners. Mineral oil molecules are relatively large , so it is difficult to absorb, and it is difficult to clean after residue.